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SaaSOptics' 450+ customers range in size from $100K to over $100 million in annual revenue, and bill annually over $3+ billion collectively in subscriptions fees (plus plenty of one-time fees). Collectively, SaaSOptics customers have over $7 Billion of invested capital and funding.

What Our Customers Have To Say

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SaaSOptics has pulled SaaS revenue recognition out of the dark ages! Accurate revenue recognition and other critical metrics such as MRR can now be generated in real time. Our revenue numbers are easy to generate, auditable and all produced without any spreadsheets! SaaSOptics is the key to reporting exponential SaaS growth with precision and reliability. As well as being a great product, SaaSOptics listens to its customers in a timely fashion; continues to enhance their offerings based on actual customer requests and always provides excellent customer support.

Eric Rosenberg, Senior Staff Accountant
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As we moved from seeing early SaaSOptics demos, to planning for an implementation, then deployment, and use—now using it for 6 years—we have nothing but confidence in SaaSOptics.

Amar Shrivastava, Vice President Finance
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We're a very happy SasSOptics customer. SaaSOptics has been a fantastic solution for us. Great product and great customer support!

Craig McSavaney, CEO
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We raised $60 million in 3 rounds over the course of 1 year. We also did it with zero full time finance people, and we really couldn’t have done it without SaaSOptics.

Daniel Chait, Founder and CEO
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With RevenueBooks, I have a reliable method for computing and tracking revenue and deferred revenue, and also fantastic metrics I can use to understand our business as we grow. I can forecast my revenue base, analyze new bookings and churn, compute MRR/ARR, etc etc. I pull data from salesforce.com, set up the contract in RevenueBooks, and then sync it down to Quickbooks for invoicing the customer. It's really working great for us! Plus the support is fantastic. This is my 3rd SaaS company, I've been waiting a long time for this software, and I could not be more delighted that it's finally here!

Dawn Crew - Director Finance
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SaaSOptics is the single best investment we've made for the business in the last 5 years. Not only does the product seamlessly handle keeping track of deferred revenue and recognized revenue, but also does an outstanding job keeping track of the contract renewal process. Migrating to SaaSOptics wasn’t a decision we took lightly, but the SaaSOptics implementation and support team handled every step of our implementation flawlessly. To put it bluntly, their customer support is unparalleled. The flexibility of their reporting tools gave us every inch of detailed analytics we were looking for and allowed us to get true visibility into operating our business. If you are thinking about trying SaaSOptics. but are hesitant to pull the trigger… I promise you will not regret it!

Benji Greenberg, CEO
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SaaSOptics quickly proved to be a massive benefit, both reducing our workload and providing hugely improved visibility of business performance.

Jim Cook, CEO
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We’re a young SaaS company bringing an exciting new product to market. In addition to using SaaSOptics to manage our revenue pipeline, in conjunction with Quickbooks Online, I have found it exceedingly powerful in helping project future cash flows and capital needs. I’m also very pleased with the responsiveness of your customer support. Thanks for being there!

Jeffrey Wilkins, Chief Executive Officer
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The team at SaaS Optics is amazing, I have worked with them for a while and I couldn't be happier. The are attentive and responsive to your questions and needs. The one of the many things that impresses me with them is that they are very willing to listen to your honest criticism of their product, they want to know how they can make it better. Through the entire on-boarding process we were given excellent assistance and were well communicated with, plus the follow up after was great.

Jason Kasallis, Controller
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I can't recommend SaaSOptics highly enough. It's absolutely critical for all subscription businesses to get a handle on driving the key metrics that matter to the investment community beyond the required GAAP reporting. The easy-to-use software makes keeping SaaS metrics up-to-date such as monthly/annual recurring revenue, renewal/churn rates (by product, market segment, geography, etc), bookings/backlog, and dozens of other metrics dead simple.

Not only does this insight allow for far better and faster decision making and goal setting to grow your business, but it also prepares you well for financing or acquisition. It is very important to be able to present your company in the finance-driven language that savvy SaaS investors or acquirers speak, which increases their confidence and lessens risk. When IASTA was acquired in June 2014, having all of our customer contract data in SaaSOptics allowed us to discuss and share our detailed real-time metrics very quickly without relying on cumbersome spreadsheets. This allowed evaluation and due diligence to go much faster and smoother.

Todd Epple, Chief Financial Office & Founder
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We were looking for an affordable and flexible B2B contracts management and billing platform which simplified the billing process at the same time as tracking CMRR, renewal rate, upgrades, downgrades, and revenue recognition. The platform needed to accommodate a number of products with a variety of billing and recognition parameters. The platform had to be easily configurable yet have advanced reporting and functionality and be easily integrated with our CRM and accounting systems.

SaaSOptics was the only platform that fulfilled all of the above yet it wasn’t until we implemented SaaSOptics did we experience the real power behind SaaSOptics – the team. the SaaSOptics team has been highly responsive to functionality and support requests sometimes working through the night to get issues resolved. I’d happily recommend SaaSOptics to anyone looking for platform to manage recurring billing contracts wrapping robust SaaS metrics around their data.

Gus Neil - Zynstra
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SaaSOptics is a must have for SaaS companies. From revenue recognition to subscription tracking to retention rates, SaaSOptics gives you the insight into your business to make better product and corporate decisions. Plus, we were up and running in a less than a week! The SaaSOptics product is great and the level of accuracy with which I can now forecast is amazing.

Ignacio Ybarra, President
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I looked at a number of different solutions to help our SaaS business with subscription management and revenue recognition and was really excited when I came across SaaSOptics, as it seemed like a perfect solution for our needs. From the very beginning of the sales process, SaaSOptics has done nothing but exceed my expectations.  Both the product and support have been great, and I look forward to seeing what new features they come out with next.

Joe Price - President, AcademicWorks
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SaaSOptics has been a very cost-effective tool for our revenue, invoicing and contract management. Their customer support, training, and attention to our specific needs have been exceptional. It has been a great decision to transition to SaaSOptics.

Rick Henderson - Vice President
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The SaaS Optics team not only provided a product that tackled what Quickbooks could not, they also provided a level of service during the installation and integration that is not common. I'm very pleased with the level of functionality of the product and it was great working with a group of people that truly understands how to help their customers.

Kevin Kalil, Director of Finance
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SaaSOptics is head and shoulders above other options in marketplace. Not only is it seamlessly integrated to complement the full Intuit product and functional suite, you also great support and assured reliability. SaaSOptics offers features and capabilities that rival solutions at five times the price. This is a “must have” tool for subscription accounting and reporting.

Karen Watts, CEO
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SaaSOptics delivers. We love the solution. We now have better, more reliable revenue records and we get them in a fraction of the time it used to take. This system pays for itself in no time. And, the customer service is outstanding.

Jeanette Flores, Controller
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As our business has expanded, it has become increasingly more work to manage the revenue recognition for our varied and sometimes complex contracts. We've been watching the development of SaaSOptics and are implementing it now. SaaSOptics will not only save our finance team significant time every month, but will also provide the management team with new insight into performance metrics that we are having a tough time getting out of our complex spreadsheets. These will be a compelling complement to the sales performance metrics we get from Dealmaker.

Jim Crisera, Chief Financial Officer
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My first week at BigTime coincided with the start of the annual audit and a realization that the tools necessary to manage deferred revenue did not exist. SaaSOptics offered a cost effective, easy-to-implement and easy-to-use solution to this problem. One year later, we are well positioned with the data necessary to effectively manage the business.

John Pinkerton, Chief Financial Officer

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SaaSOptics is the only purpose-built B2B SaaS Subscription Financial Operating Platform, built from the ground up to meet the needs of B2B subscription businesses from ear;y stage to mature.

Now serving over 450
customers, and over $3 billion in annual subscription revenue and invoicing.
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