Deferred Revenue Recognition for QuickBooks

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Financial Summary

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Customer Revenue

QuickBooks Contract Subscription Revenue Schedule

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Deferred Revenue

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Customer Invoices

Subscription Invoicing for QuickBooks

Revenue & Subscription Management for QuickBooks

If you use QuickBooks but rely on spreadsheets for revenue schedules, deferred revenue calculations, and contract information, RevenueBooks™ is for you!

One day, you will have a single, integrated system for management of your finances and business operations. For now, the jump from $299 for QuickBooks to $50,000++ or the next step up just doesn't make sense. So, you rely on one or more spreadsheets to record revenue schedules, manage revenue recognition, manage renewals, and to calculate deferred revenue. And, you wouldn't be reading this if all the painful problems weren't so familiar to you.

Now, you can take a huge step forward at a very, very affordable price.

Get RevenueBooks™ by SaaSOptics

RevenueBooks™ is a special implementation of SaaSOptics that provides integrated subscription & revenue management for QuickBooks. It's easy-to-use, robust, and fully integrated with QuickBooks desktop and QuickBooks Online. The RevenueBooks™ Contract & Revenue Management solution takes the overhead and risk out of revenue recognition and invoicing associated with term subscriptions, professional services and complex contractual relationships, freeing you from cumbersome, complicated revenue spreadsheets. Developed specifically for companies using QuickBooks, RevenueBooks™ provides the power, control and efficiency you get with high-end financial systems for a fraction of the cost.

The reporting and management of revenue & contracts, generation of invoices, calculation of deferred revenue, centralized storage of contracts, and renewal of contracts is made easy with RevenueBooks™. RevenueBooks™ helps ensure you are always ready with the kind of accurate and complete financial reporting needed for board meetings, bankers, investors, venture capitalists, and yes, acquisitions!

Manage Subscriptions & Renewals
  • Complete renewal management
  • Full contract element support
  • Multiple contracts per customer
  • Store digital contracts
  • One-time, usage, and variable fees
  • Flag transactions for follow up
  • Period locking/closing
  • Automatic out-of-balance checks
  • Automatic Deferred Revenue calculations
  • Automatic Unbilled AR calculations
Manage Revenues
  • 26 Revenue recognition templates
  • Manual revenue schedule override
  • Suspend revenue recognitions
  • Full integration with QuickBooks
  • Deferred revenue waterfalls
  • Revenue by Customer, Contract, Element
  • Project Revenues
  • Summary & detailed reporting
  • Rev rec for upgrades & extensions
  • and lots, lots more . . .
Manage Invoices
  • Invoice monthly, quarterly, annually, in advance, in arrears, and more
  • Manual Invoice schedule override
  • Sync invoices to/from QuickBooks
  • Generate revenues from QB Invoices
  • Optional "sync future invoices"
  • 6 "do not sync" settings
  • Taxes and currencies supported
  • Subscription dates in invoices
  • and lots, lots more . . .

RevenueBooks™ automatically generates revenue schedules and invoice schedules for those transactions using the unique recognition method and invoice schedule you define for each unique item, product, or subscription! And for those super-complex situations, you can manually edit revenue schedules and invoices to accommodate any unique situation. Transactions requiring customer acceptance or requiring further action are easily flagged for follow up and identified on your dashboard so nothing falls through the cracks.

Revenue Reporting

quickbooks revenue recognition
With RevenueBooks™, revenue reporting is a snap. View information at the customer, register, or company level. In a flash, you can view recognized, unrecognized and deferred revenue for your entire business for top line financial reporting. You can analyze business performance by viewing revenue for a business unit, a country, a market segment, a sales channel, or even down to a single sales rep. Click to see YTD numbers, or click again to see where you will be at the end of next quarter.

Subscription Analytics & Metrics Reporting

Because RevenueBooks™ is built on SaaSOptics which was designed to provide powerful, optimized analytics for subscription companies, RevenueBooks™ can do things that many financial reporting systems can't do, like project future renewal revenues and bookings using statistical models, report on upgrades/upsells, and rapidly produce MRR growth, CLV, renewal, and churn reports.

RevenueBooks™ is easily configured with your contract terminology and supports multiple contracts per customer. Contract transactions can include one-time items such as a license fee or implementation service, as well as any number of recurring or subscription items, including SaaS subscription fees, variable fees, and maintenance fees. Upgrades, up-sells, downgrades, coterminous contract changes, and new add-on terms are all supported. RevenueBooks™ even provides a unique transaction "normalization" function that makes it easy to compare dissimilar contract terms. Normalize two and three year contracts to one year, or normalize subscriptions to monthly subscriptions for a better understanding of how your real average deal size or monthly recurring revenue is trending. And, if you have business objectives or targets for revenue, average deal size, bookings, or any other metric, RevenueBooks™ makes it easy to define and report results against those targets.

In addition to being your system of record for revenue (subscription and other), RevenueBooks™ is a comprehensive contract system of record. RevenueBooks™ provides a secure, centralized contract document repository. RevenueBooks™ can hold all contract and license documentation, including master license documents, individual redlines, and digital versions of executed agreements. All of these are stored with the recorded contract transactions for easy access when inspection or audit is needed.

It's all designed to be easy - easy to implement, easy to use, and easy to afford. Contact us today!